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About St. Paul's Anglican Church

St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal Church stands for the beliefs and practices of the ancient, undivided Church.  We are a new congregation, established in February 2003, that aims to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and service.  Our church provides a unique blend of majestic, liturgical worship, coupled with  preaching based on the conviction that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God.  If you are looking for a church that combines reverent worship with the solid exposition of Scripture, St. Paul's is the church for you.  If you are new to the Christian faith, or the Episcopal tradition, we invite you to come, learn your own pace, and experience the richness of worshiping in the Anglican tradition. St. Paulís Reformed Episcopal Church is a congregation of believers in Jesus Christ who seek to faithfully worship Him in continuity with the Church of all ages.  We are both Catholic and Reformed, meaning we cherish the Tradition, customs and doctrines of the Historic Church that are consistent with the Holy Scriptures.  We are an Anglican Church, meaning that we are Episcopally governed and worship using the Book of Common Prayer.

Below are some of the beliefs that are at the core of our faith and practice:

Holy Scripture

 The Church is called to be the custodian of the Holy Scriptures: Godís definitive and personal word to mankind. The Scriptures reveal that because of sin, mankind has lost fellowship and communion with Almighty God.  To restore us to fellowship and to save us from the consequence of our sin, God the Son became Man, lived a perfect life and died on the Cross.  He was raised from the dead on the third day and ascended into heaven, enthroned as the King of kings. Through Jesus Christ, God gives us life, salvation and communion by virtue of His grace.  This Good News has been given to all; recorded in the Holy Scriptures and proclaimed by the Church.  This is the Evangelical message of the Gospel that we are called to receive by faith and live out in faithfulness.

Apostolic Ministry

By Apostolic, we mean the Universal Faith and practice once delivered to the Saints.  It is important to have a continuity of belief, worship and authority with the Church that was founded upon Christ and the Apostles. The Holy Spirit has established and protected this heritage: Apostolic Creeds and Doctrine; Biblical Worship; Sacramental Spirituality; Historic Order of ministry. Our approach to God is not innovative.  The healthy spirituality of the Christian is a balance of deepening devotion and glorifying, sacred worship that has been practiced by the Faithful for centuries.

 Family Oriented

The Church is one big Christian family unified and connected to one another through Christ Jesus.  The Church is called to serve God and also to serve each other in love.  We do this through genuine care and personal relationships fostered through worship, fellowship and ministry opportunities.